Thursday, April 25, 2019

Making Music That Makes His Devotees Break Into Ecstatic Dance

Of the considerable number of characteristics that make Lord Krishna his identity, it is His ability with the flute that catches the hearts of lovers. Spread crosswise over the subcontinent as well as the world, lovers never feel sick of His music. He sits in one of Vrindavan's numerous meadows and hauls out His woodwind, the sound of which achieves the occupants inside the city. The music that is exuding from His woodwind communicates a godliness and a nature of adoration that will be found in no other religion on the planet. As the sound of the flute skims crosswise over space into the ears of His sweethearts, they abandon everything and rush through common breaks to assemble around Him. This sculpture of the singular Krishna playing on His woodwind is surprisingly unique.

One could nearly observe Him encompassed by a cluster of adoring gopis, defeated by the music as much as their affection for him, as they move around this situated Krishna. He is enchanting as ever; His levelheadedness of face, content; His spine, erect. The dhoti and the scarf assemble in similar window hangings around His energetic build. His shringar is atypical of Hindu iconography, gold and gems flourish. His adequate tresses are held set up by a turban-like wrap with a gem and a peacock quill at the middle. Note the sensible lines engraved underneath the temples, a Vaishnava tilak arranged in the midst of the equivalent. A sign of the stone worker's expertise is the thoughtful hands and feet that characterize the creation.

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